Throughout our tale, a few of our heroes are visited in their sleep by strange visions, which seem to take the form of a young girl with a horrible wound in her chest. This girl is known to say “there are seven things you must know to save me,” and then make some enigmatic statement. Presumably, each of these statements is one of the seven things. 

Through tremendous spiritual effort, we have managed to transcribe those statements which have already be revealed. How they tie together, or what it all means, remains to be seen. Perhaps you’ll be the one clever enough to unlock the riddle.

Seven Things You Must Know:

  1. “My killer has died as well, but has not yet joined me.” – Revealed to Brennen (Ch. 1, Pt. 3).
  2. “The King has loved my Enemy.” – Revealed to Brennen (Ch. 2, Pt. 3).
  3. “The Vessel must crack, but it shall not break.” – Revealed to Brennen (Ch. 3, Pt. 4).
  4. “I shall ride to safety on the wings of the Storm.” – Revealed to Nia (Ch. 4,Pt. 5).
  5. “The blind man has seen the face of god.” – Revealed to Nia (Ch. 5, Pt. 4).
  6. “Order is a story made flesh through power.” – Revealed to Nelson (Ch. 9, Pt. 2).
  7. “Chaos takes many forms, but Death rides a horse.” – Revealed to Nelson, Nia, Yllowyyn, Brennen, and Billy (Ch. 10, Pt. 4).

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