The Worthiest Knight, Pt. 4

In the thrilling conclusion to Chapter 5, the brutal Sir Frieshelm catches up with our party. A shame, really, as Jen was nearly ready to process her recent acts of violence, and Nia was on the verge of a breakthrough with her dreams. Will Brennen and Regan make it to the monastery in time to save the day? Will they  need to, or have the children become more capable than anyone imagined? No matter how the battle turns out, when it’s over there will be no doubt as to who is truly the worthiest knight.

Meanwhile, Antonin Mooncrest essays a courageous gambit with the potential to change everything within House Redmoor – Ardel’s scheming included.

With the conclusion of Chapter 5, we are half way through the first book of our tale, and our production will be taking a brief mid-book hiatus. Chapter 6, “The Singing Sister,” will premiere on August 17.

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