The Singing Sister, Pt. 3

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains a portrayal of a rape survivor being forced to confront her attacker from time-stamp 1:00-6:35, as well a portrayal of bodily mutilation from time-stamp 18:33-18:50. Please use your own discretion in listening to these scenes.

As the party continues their story-telling on the road to the White Forest, drama unfolds at Guernatal Castle. Rickard Redmoor attempts to speak with Arlene about the history between them. The aftershocks of this tectonic conversation have tremendous consequences, both for Arlene in her dealings with her brother, and for Rickard himself. Antonin Mooncrest continues his quest to sort through Ardel’s scheming. Meanwhile, Brennen describes his first meeting with the rebel half-Orc Traft, and Nia considers the import of the prophetic dreams.

The Singing Sister reaches the extremely emotional conclusion on September 28, 2014 (the first birthday of The Once And Future Nerd!).  Do not miss it! Until then, please tell your friends about our little show, over Twitter or Facebook.