The Characters

WARNING: VERY MINOR SPOILERS may follow, in that you will not have met all of these characters if you are not up to date with episodes. (You can always check if you are up to date with episodes by referring to our Episode Guide.) That said, the information about characters on this page will remain as it was when the character was first introduced.

If you would like character information that updates as the plot progresses, please visit this page, and enter the password “spoilers.”

The Party:

Billy – voiced by Frank Queris
Full name and titles: William Williams, Jr., Homecoming King, Captain of the Valley Central High Hawks Varsity Football Program, Two time varsity letterman, Pennsylvania state high school athletics record-holder for most interceptions thrown in a single quarter
Class: Jock
Age: 17 years
Primary Weapon: Fists
Secondary Weapon: Dumb Luck
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 1

William “Billy” Williams, Jr. was coached in the sport of Football from an early age by his father, a former steel mill worker who was injured on the job three years after Billy’s birth and has subsisted on worker’s compensation ever since. Unfortunately, the intensive training regimen that William Williams, Sr. devised for his son didn’t leave much time for academic pursuits. But, the result of all that practicing is…well, Billy is fortunate to come from a town small enough to have not produced many naturally-gifted quarterbacks this generation. He is widely known to be romantically involved with Jen Andrews and has been since last year’s spring pep rally, when they were seen leaving an after-party together. Rumors of an earlier, brief involvement with Shannon MacDonald could not be corroborated.

Jen – voiced by Julie Reed
Full name and titles: Jennifer Candice Andrews, Homecoming Queen, Assistant Captain of the Valley Central High Hawkettes Spirit Squad
Class: Cheerleader
Age: 16 years
Primary Weapon: iPhone 5, White, 64GB (refurbished, but don’t tell anybody)
Secondary Weapon: Memorization
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 1

It is rumored, in some circles, that Jen Andrews scored in the 98th percentile on all three sections of her SATs. Many, however, dispute this claim on the grounds that, if Jen were indeed intelligent enough to manage such a feat, she would surely be enrolled in Valley Central High School’s Advanced Placement program. Jen had been raised by a single mother since she was 10, but when he was around, Jen’s father would tell anyone in the local watering hole who would listen how proud he was of his little girl. Jen has been actively involved in competitive cheerleading since middle school and, in her senior year, ran for captain of the varsity squad. She came in 2nd place to Shannon MacDonald, in a hotly contested election, and thus became Assistant Captain according to the squad’s bylaws.

Nelson – voiced by Perry Strong (Ch. 1-2), Paul Notice (current)
Full name and titles: Nelson Malcolm Contee, Moderator of ONE WIKI TO RULE THEM ALL and THE ELDER SCROLLS WIKI, 2009 Philadelphia Regional Champion – MAGIC: THE GATHERING Junior League
Class: Nerd
Age: 16 years
Primary Weapon: The hope that all enemies ignore him as a non-threat
Secondary Weapon: Encyclopaedic knowledge of fantasy literature
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 1

Nelson moved to Lackawanna county, Pennsylvania, to live with his paternal grandmother when he was 9. This was after his parents – both professors at Temple University – died in a car accident on their way to a conference at LSU entitled “Poverty and Social Welfare in Cross-Cultural Perspective.” As a child, Nelson expressed interest in following his parents into academia. But after his relocation, these ambitions were eclipsed by a growing fascination with fantasy literature and role-playing games. Nelson’s hobbies have made him something of an outcast in Lackawanna – a county in which, it is worth noting, 88.8% of the population identified as “White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino” in the 2012 census.

Brennen – voiced by Garrett Armyn
Brennen CroppedfromGroup
Full name and titles: General Brennen of Greyfield, Acting Commander of His Majesty’s Royal Army
Class: Paladin
Age: 52 years
Primary Weapon: Two-handed battle-axe
Secondary Weapon: Throwing axes
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 1

Brennen was a low-born soldier, the son of common farmers from the lands surrounding Castle Guernatal. Even from a young age, his size and strength set him apart from other boys, and he enlisted as soon as he was old enough to leave home (and shortly after the young King went on a good will mission to the farmlands). His skill in battle, as well as his fierce loyalty and obedience, facilitated to his rapid rise up the ranks. One day, Brennen’s company was on duty when King Gunther was informed that a small keep in the foothills of the mountains had been occupied by a horde of Orcs and feral men. The battle was a bloody one. Brennen looked up from the battle to see his King, bleeding from a shoulder wound and surrounded by three leering barbarians. With a bellow, Brennen charged through the thick of the battle to his king’s side, and with one massive swing of his axe, cut all three of the foes clean in half. Brennen was promoted to General that evening, and from then on never left his king’s side. He served as Gunther’s loyal right hand, acting as bodyguard, confidant, friend, advisor, chief millitary commander, and servant. Loyal as well, did we mention Brennen’s loyalty? Brennen is a fiercely religious and superstitious man, although he often keeps his views quiet around anyone but the king himself.

Yllowyyn – voiced by Hayes Dunlap
Yllowyyn CroppedfromGroup
Full name and titles: Yllowyyn lo-Hyyl Akbyyr, Kalth’yr lo-Guernatal
Class: Ranger
Age: 173 years
Primary Weapon: Hunting Bow, carved from the Sacred Wood of the White Forest (Nyy’lynni gift from his parents)
Secondary Weapon: Two very expensive hunting daggers (Early graduation gift from his parents. But he’ll probably get another gift once he completes his tenure as Kalth’yr.)
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 2

The elves of the White Forest have, since the White Forest Concordat, sent a representative to serve in the court of each of the Great Houses of Iorden as a Kalth’yr, or advisor. The role of Kalth’yr is to provide the sage advice from the long-lived and broad-perspective elves, as well as to report the news of human politics back to the Elven High Council, and to subtly steer human politics in a direction the High Council would appreciate. By-and-large, elves could not give a damn about humans, so they delegate the task to their children. Yllowyyn, at 173 years old, had only become old enough to serve as Kalth’yr a scant two decades prior to the start of our tale proper. His upbringing as the eldest son of a very influential Elven family had left him…rather confident. His selection as Kalth’yr to the highest court in the land only served to inflate his already-excessive sense of self-worth. Although Yllowyyn himself could not give a damn about humans, a young elf’s trajectory towards High Council could be drastically accelerated by a successful term as Kalth’yr–or cut short by a poor performance. Thus, Yllowyyn does go about his duties, despite his … opinions.

Nia – voiced by Emily Kuckuck (Ch. 1-3), Rhiannon Angell (current)
Full name and titles: Acolyte Nia of the Holy Brotherhood Order of the Quill, College of Armstrugard Bachelor of Arcane Arts, Master of Arcane Arts with a Focus in Healing and Divination, Candidate for the title of Doctor of Philosophy dissertating on the Doctrine of the Uncorruptible Soul.
Class: Cleric
Age: 29 years
Primary Weapon: Consecrated Pinewood Staff
Secondary Weapon: Meditative Arcana
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 5

Nia was the only child of Ministers Alain and Katherine of the Holy Brotherhood Order of the Yoke, the only two clergy members in their small hamlet near Seahold. It was always assumed that Nia would take up the family trade in representing the Yoke. Thus, it was a matter of no small family controversy when then young Nia announced her intentions to align herself with the Order of the Quill instead. When she announced she would study Arcane Arts at the College of Armstrungard as well… Suffice it to say that suppertime conversations, when Nia visits her parents on the odd feast day, are typically…tense.

Regan – voiced by Anya Gibian
Full name and titles: Aerona Margaret Regan
Class: Rogue
Age: Approximately 20 years, exact age unknown
Primary Weapon: Mooncrest-style long and short sabres, modified for close-quarters combat
Secondary Weapons: [list redacted out of concern for the faint-of-heart]
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 6

Little is known about the early life of the so-called “Thief Queen of Armstrungard.” This is almost certainly by her own design. All that is known is that approximately eight years prior to the death of Dagmar Guernatal, rumors began circulating among Armstrungard’s law enforcement community – rumors about a thief of exceptional cunning, daring, and brutality. In years hence, she has taken on a nearly mythic air; nearly anything of value that goes missing in Armstrungard is said, only half-jokingly, to have been stolen by Aerona Regan.

Other Characters:

Gunther – voiced by Dylan Uremovich (Bk. 1 Ch. 1), Dan Dobranski (Current)
Full name and titles: His Majesty Gunther of House Guernatal, Champion of the Civilized Peoples and High King of the Human Realms of Iorden
Class: Non-combatant
Age: 66 years
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 1

As High King, Gunther is, officially, the most powerful man in Iorden. A few minor conflicts aside, the majority of his reign was marked by peace and general prosperity, as it was for so many of his father’s fathers. As of late, though, his power and influence have waned considerably, owing mostly to factors beyond his control for which he will no doubt be blamed anyway. Chief among these is his failure to produce a viable heir.

Ardel – voiced by Dylan Uremovich (Bk. 1 Ch. 1-2), Dan Dobranski (Current)
Full name and titles: Lord Ardel of House Redmoor, Steward of Red River
Class: Non-combatant
Age: 24 years
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 3

The Redmoors of Red River have been leal to House Guernatal for several generations. Ardel’s father, the late Lord Arthur, built a great deal of influence in Guernatal’s court, both through his formidable army and his generally agreeable nature. Ardel has…well, he’s pretty much been coasting on that. He strikes people as a bit too pompous, but most are willing to write that off as simple immaturity that will ebb with age.

Arlene – voiced by Anya Gibian
Full name and titles: Arlene of House Redmoor
Class: Non-combatant
Age: 24 years
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 3

It is said of the Redmoor twins that Arlene is the obvious inheritor of their father’s pleasant disposition. More soft-spoken than her brother, Arlene is seen as a very marriageable maiden among Guernatal’s court. In fact, that her brother has not yet found her a suitable husband is often a subject of court gossip.

Gwen – voiced by Emily Kuckuk (Bk. 1 Ch. 1-3), Lily Drexler (Bk. 1 Ch. 3-10), Juliet Prather (Current)
Full name and titles: Gwen of Ruefield
Class: Non-combatant
Age: 23 years
First Appearance: The Prince of Iorden, Pt. 4

The small patch of land allotted to Gwen’s father by his liege lord, Arthur Redmoor would never be confused with good farmland. After a particularly meager harvest coincided with the death of Gwen’s elder sister from a fever, Gwen’s family stood on the brink of destitution. So, when word got out that Lord Arthur was searching for a handmaiden for his daughter, Gwen’s parents leapt at the opportunity to have their younger daughter thus employed.

General Traft – voiced by Dan Dobransky
Full name and titles: The Returned Brother General, Esteemed Commander of the Great Uprising
Class: Warlord
Age: 36 years
Primary Weapon: Custom-made double-headed scythe
Secondary Weapon: Steel-headed miner’s axe
First Appearance: Monsters, Pt. 3

The half-Orc who is called ‘Traft’ by Elves and Men was conceived of a human mother following an Orc raid on her small mining village. Citing both a concern for the mother’s reputation, and a desire to prove that proper training could make someone from any background honorable, Th’ayyd Ry’y lo-Th’yyt of the Th’ar lo-Hyyl took stewardship of Traft at birth. She was grooming him to take over the command of Blackhold, having seen great military potential in him, when he deserted in the middle of a campaign. He disappeared far beyond the Black Mountains for nearly 15 years. Then, whispers were heard of a half-human warlord amassing an enormous Orc army. After the death of Queen Dagmar Guernatal, Traft made his move.

Ry’y  lo-Th’yyt – voiced by Lily Drexler (Book 1), Juliet Prather (Current)
Full name and titles: Th’ayyd Ry’y  lo-Th’yyt, Lord Commander of the Th’ar lo-Hyyl and Trustee of the High Council
Class: Cavalier
Age: 414 years
Primary Weapon: Repeating Cavalry Crossbow
Secondary Weapon: Elven Moonsilver Cavalry Sabre
First Appearance: The Singing Sister, Pt. 4

When Ry’y lo-Th’yyt was given commandership of the Th’ar lo-Hyyl at the unheard of young age of 370, it all but assured her a seat on the High Council. However, that her ambitions are even loftier than that is the worst-kept secret in the White Forest. She has often been heard telling friends, confidants, and anyone who’ll listen that she intends to be High Chancellor before she is 500. Astonishingly, her extraordinary military career thus far (and the resulting prestige) has made this goal attainable. Her only public embarrassment to date (admittedly a large one) is the defection of the half-Orc Traft, whom she was grooming for service in the Civic Guard – her stated goal was to prove that proper discipline and upbringing could “civilize” anyone. She will likely attempt to rectify this colossal backfire the moment she has the tactical advantage.

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