Wall of Fame!

The following wonderful people have honored us by contributing to The Once And Future Nerd via Patreon. The realm thanks them for their generosity, and their names are immortalized here.


Alec Story, Associate Producer
Ryan Cushman, Associate Producer


Alex Brown, of The Bridge Podcast: “TOAFN is smart, hilarious, and full of heart! I’m so glad I found this podcast, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next!”
Dan Connolly
Chris “RJC” John
Joshua Keyser: “Thank you to the entire TOAFN team for all of the wonderful that you do. If it was not for the Comic Issues Podcast I never would have discovered this or any other podcast.”


Shannon Bulloch
Adam Drenkard: “TOAFN is great binging material; it’s never too late to start.”
Jen Fischell: “I am neither cheerleader nor magician, but I am in love with TOAFN. Keep up the great work!”
Corey Ford: “TOAFN is a fantastic story with a great sense of humor and compelling characters. I am very happy to be able to support this awesomeness.”
Jackson: “I donated and you other moochers can, too!” Hey, his words not ours.
Heather Kelleher: “Cheers to TOAFN for their wit and storytelling; this production makes those long days at sea fly by.”
Brianna Olson: “Thrilled to support a podcast with the perfect balance of nerd and snark. Geek on!”
Kat Schwartz
Mordechai Shachna
Logan Waterman
Tyr Wiesner-Hanks: “Thanks for a series with incredible wit and passion.”


Lauren DiCristofaro
Michael “Mickey” C. Blaser, Jr.
Jeff Danoff
Monica Jackman
Tom Madera
Chan Aleksandra Melbye
Joe Frizzell

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