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Bridges, Pt. 3

With the Knights of the Wood hot on their trail, our newly reunited heroes must think quickly to make good their escape from Freehold. Meanwhile, Ardel Redmoor is finally forced to confront the responsibilities of the title he now claims. And a wounded Ry’y lo-Th’yyt encounters yet another obstacle in pursuit of her quarry.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

Chapter 3 will conclude on November 19. We hope to see you then!


Bridges, Pt. 2

Strange and unnatural circumstances abound at Redmoor-occupied Castle Guernatal. The downtrodden General Traft finds shelter from a storm. But what manner of shelter is it? The prodigal Elf, and Knight, and Lady, and Handmaiden return to the side of their Queen. But there’s little time for warm reunions.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

As we’ve mentioned before, we are thrilled to be nominees in this year’s Audio Verse Awards, alongside literally dozens of shows we love and admire. Semi-Finals Voting is open now through October 30, so head over to www.audioverseawards.net/site/vote/ to cast your ballots and give some good good recognition to whatever shows you think deserve it.

Part 3 of this Chapter will be released on November 5. We hope to see you then!


We’re Nominees for the 2017 Audio Verse Awards! Voting opens October 15!

Hi everyone!

We’re honored and humbled to have been nominated for the following Audio Verse Awards:

Best Ongoing, Long-Form, Large Cast, Dramatic Production

Best Writing (Rhiannon Angell, Zach Glass, Ian Harkins, Christian T. Kelley-Madera, and Gregory M. Schulz)

Best Engineering (Miguel Patriota, Jared Paul, Garrett Schultz, Pedro Tarrago)

The full list of nominees is here, and it is…staggering. We’re up against many many shows that we love and creators we respect. The phrase “honor just to have been nominated” comes to mind very strongly in this situation. The rules of this year’s nomination process required every nominee to receive at least two votes – so a very hearty thank you to whichever of you out there found us worthy!

If you think we or any other shows for that matter deserve some shiny new bona fides, you can vote for finalists at audioverseawards.net from October 15th through the 28th (with one round of voting to follow later.) And if you need to quickly catch up on the various and sundry nominees, you can subscribe to the Audio Verse Nominee Showcase (iTunes | Google Play | RSS).

Full press release via Audio Verse Awards can be found here.

That’s all the information we have for now, but we will update you as more becomes available so be sure to check your feeds and social media.

Thanks again!

Bridges, Pt. 1

An inebriated and ill-prepared Yllowyyn finds himself with two lives in his hands. No matter what he does, his decision is likely to echo loudly and far.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank whatever kind souls saw fit to nominate us for the 2017 Audio Verse Awards. Thank you so much, and please stay tuned for details on when/where to vote.

Part 2 of this chapter will be released on October 22. We hope to see you then!


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Chapter 3 Release Dates

Hi all! We know you’ve been patiently awaiting more TOAFN, and we are happy to announce release dates for Book 2, Chapter 3.

Book 2 – Myth Made Flesh
Chapter 3 – “Bridges”

  • Part 1 – Oct. 8
  • Part 2 – Oct. 22
  • Part 3 – Nov. 5
  • Part 4 – Nov. 19

We can’t wait to see you then. In the meantime, advance scripts for Part 1 will be going out to $3+ Patrons very shortly.

Until then!