The following people were awesome enough to say nice things about us on the internet and thus have our eternal gratitude:

Felix Clay

Michael DeAngelo of Tellest

Decoder Ring Theatre — A bi-weekly noir-style radio play podcast

Rebecca A. Demarest

John DeNardo at

Des Delgadillo of

Abigail Hilton and Bryan Lincoln of the Fullcast Podcast (@Good_podcasts on Twitter)

Nearly Enough Dice RPG podcast (@NED_Podcast on Twitter)

Kate Onyett writing for The Future Fire

Jacopo della Quercia

The Reaction Podcast (@ReactionPodcast on Twitter)

Rethink Pink (@_rethinkpink on Twitter)

The Sonic Society

Sounds Like An Earful Podcast

David Steffen

Thoughtful Spurts Blog

Wil Williams on Podcast Problems

Worlds Without End

Yap Audio Production (@YapAudio on Twitter)

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