A Cruel And Sullied World, Pt. 2

We return to the camp outside Freehold, shortly after Regan’s clandestine departure. Jen and Nelson receive stark prospects for their futures from a newly candid Nia, who also speculates about important matters metaphysical and arcane. Brennen and Yllowyyn disagree about the next steps in Brennen’s ongoing campaign, and Yllowyyn’s place in it. But once Jen comes clean about Regan’s whereabouts and intentions, Brennen drops everything and chases after his Queen in great haste.

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BOOK 2 PREMIERE: A Cruel And Sullied World, Pt. 1

Dear Listeners, we are extremely pleased to present to you the first episode of Book 2, MYTH MADE FLESH.

After the disturbing events that concluded our previous book, Regan finds herself in a literal tight spot and in possession of very sensitive information. Jen must decide between keeping Regan’s confidence, and looking out for the best interests of the Party. And Arlene and Gwen’s own troubling discovery threatens to disturb their newfound peace. All the while, Regan’s prospects for escape from her predicament dwindle by the minute…

Part 2 of this chapter will be available on March 26. We hope you’ll join us then.


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BOOK 1 FINALE: The Evening Redness in the West, Pt. 4

CONTENT NOTE: The violence in this episode gets particularly graphic. Listen with care.

The First Book of our Tale comes to its bloody close at the Battle of Freehold.

Our deepest thanks go out to everyone who has tuned in along the way. We never would have gotten this far without you. We’ll see you again for Book 2, release date TBD.

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The Evening Redness in the West, Pt. 3

In this, the penultimate episode of Book 1, Julius Mooncrest mourns his nephew Antonin. But all is not what it seems with the young lord’s apparent demise. Meanwhile, at the Horse’s Head Inn, a terrible discovery threatens to cut short Gwen and Arlene’s newfound romantic bliss. And our stalwart Narrator confesses that he has run out of events with which to delay the recounting of the Battle of Freehold and its aftermath.

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The Evening Redness in the West, Pt. 2

As they wait for the rendezvous with Ry’y lo-Th’yyt (and hopefully the fulfillment of her promise of assisatnce), Nia and Regan consider the wages of their struggles so far. But far away, in the icy seas of the south, a spurned foe plots his next move. (Spoiler: It’s Renault. That dipsh*t).

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