The Singing Sister is Available Now as a Single

Remember the song that Arlene sang to Gwen back in Chapter 6 and again in Chapter 9? We know at least some of you do, because you wrote in to tell us how much you loved it, and to ask whether it was available as a standalone track.

Well…it is now! We re-recorded it with a new arrangement and live instruments. Head over to to purchase it for $1 (or more if you’d like to be very kind. Patreon subscribers, check your Patreon feed for a coupon code to save 50¢.)

And for today’s bonus content, we talked to the talented folks involved for insight into making the song.

Keep reading for full credits and attributions.

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Audio Bonus Content #4 – Anniversary Special 2014

September 21st marked one year since we began releasing episodes! So we sat down with most of our current cast to talk about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Special thanks to Silver A./AG Audio for helping us out with the audio work on this one. You can check out more of their work here:

Hit the break to see the maps we reference in our conversation (one of them is hilariously bad).

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A Few Words About Our Writing Process

The internet is good for nothing if not oversharing, and writers love nothing more than talking about themselves and hoping that other people find it interesting. With that in mind, we will periodically supplement your listening pleasure with snippets about the creative process that gets THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD gets from our brains to your ear holes.

This week’s fact, which we hope you’ll find interesting, is this: Every chapter of THE ONCE AND FUTURE NERD starts as a television script with no narration, and is only later adapted to the audio play format that you hear. This was kind of out of our control at first, but now I’m really glad it’s turned out this way.

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