The Project

The Once And Future Nerd is a serial audioplay by CTM and ZAG.  Our story is told as a series of audio podcasts, each approximately 20 minutes long, recorded by a full cast of actors.  Episodes of the podcast are released every other week, on alternating Sundays.  You can find the episodes here on, as well as on iTunes, or via RSS.  In addition, bonus content (perhaps artwork, lore and mythology, side stories, etc) will be released in between podcast episodes.  You can find this bonus content ONLY here, so be sure to bookmark!

The episodes are arranged into “chapters”.  A chapter is usually comprised of 3-5 episodes of podcast, and contains a complete story arc.  In fact, the story is both written and recorded in complete chapters, and only after divided into smaller parts.  The chapters are further arranged into “Books”, which are of course longer-scale plot structures.  If you prefer to think of it like a typical prime-time TV show, our “chapters” are hour-long tv episodes.  The podcast episodes, or “parts,” are the individual bits between commercials.  A “book” is like the season.  (P.S., if you happen to have millions of dollars that you would like to throw at a couple guys with no professional writing credits, maybe you SHOULD think of it like a TV show, hint hint.)

If you would like a synopsis of the plot itself, or a background on the characters, please visit our Plot or Characters pages.

All of the writing, acting, recording, editing, and art was done by a really great and passionate group of people.  Everyone has volunteered their spare time and effort, and we cannot thank everyone enough.  To learn more about our group, please visit the Cast and Crew page!

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