Bridges, Pt. 1

An inebriated and ill-prepared Yllowyyn finds himself with two lives in his hands. No matter what he does, his decision is likely to echo loudly and far.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank whatever kind souls saw fit to nominate us for the 2017 Audio Verse Awards. Thank you so much, and please stay tuned for details on when/where to vote.

Part 2 of this chapter will be released on October 22. We hope to see you then!



  • The character who was in grave danger from law enforcement at the end of Chapter 2 is still in danger from law enforcement.
  • From 8:51-11:04, one character intentionally outs another character with regards to sexual orientation and past abuse. The character doing the outing seeks to use this information as justification for violence against the outed character.

End of listed CONTENT NOTES.


6 thoughts on “Bridges, Pt. 1”

    1. I m in video production and edit my own work so I can’t even realize how much work crafting audio drama stories. I discovered your show a couple months ago and listened to all the episode in about a weekend! Two (three?) Years of your work consumed in less than 40 hours. It got me thinking 😊. Thanks for the show!

  1. Hey guys, absolultely love the show, your hard work certainly shines through as this series is a standout in the long and varied list of serialized audio stories that I consume. Thanks for all you do.

    I have a only one concern, regarding the lack of content/trigger warnings on the actual podcast in audio form at the beginning of episodes that may need them? As some of your listeners are bound to be at a similar pace of consumption as myself, it could be usefull to those of us who download and immediately listen without checking show notes. Yours is one of over 35 podcasts I’m currently listening to, so it can be quite jarring to jump into a new episode with delight, only to find oneself experiencing a panic attack.

    I had to turn off this episode (bridge part 1) and haven’t been able to continue listening, sadly. This wasn’t the first time, as there was a previous episode that caused some grief for me as well, and it took me a few weeks to be able to continue listening.

    It’s not something I would ever expect your team to understand (nor would I wish them to), but having recently lost a baby, the scenes involving crying babies whose lives are being threatened (or even ended) causes some pretty horrific PTSD. Again, it’s not something that I would expect people to think about and it’s certainly not something I’d wish for you to understand, because to understand is to be a member of the worst club ever, that “club” being those of us who have outlived our children.

    It would just be nice to have a general content warning audibly at the start of such episodes 🙂

    I absolutely love what you guys are doing and I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work. Hopefully I’ll find a way to continue listening without panicking in the future, but obviously I’m only one fan among many, so don’t worry too much about my individual experience. I just hoped to add some value to the show going forward. Take care team!

    1. Hi Duncan,

      First of all, we’re so, so sorry to hear about your loss. We really appreciate that you took the time to write in, and to be very vulnerable with strangers, in the hopes of improving the TOAFN listening experience for all.

      I’m hearing you express two concerns: 1) That you’ve got a trigger that, while not an especially common one, is of course very real for you, and 2) the desire for audible content notes at the start of each episode.

      This is always a tricky balancing act for us: It’s important to us to equip our listeners to care for their mental health and not be rendered unable to enjoy the show by panic attacks or PTSD flashbacks. It’s also important to us not to give away too much plot information ahead of time and thus diminish the enjoyment of our audience that way. Often those two priorities are in opposition to each other, and we try really hard to strike the best balance. The decision until now to bury the content warnings at the bottom of the show notes was our attempt to split the uprights there. But hearing feedback like yours is extremely helpful in informing our decisions for the future.

      Your suggestion merits thought and internal discussion, which I promise you we will be doing amongst ourselves. We hate to have caused any of our listeners unnecessary pain.

      Thank you again for writing in.


      1. Thank you so much for such a quick and incredibly thoughtful response. This is yet another reason I’m such a fan of your team and of the work you all do. Thank you for your consideration, regardless of which direction it goes, as I’m definitely empathetic of your desire as artists to not give anything away ahead of time. I can’t say enough how touched and grateful I am for the personal and incredibly kind response. Thanks so much Christian (and team)!

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