What Used To Be Enough, Pt. 4

Having had some time to cool off, some of our party takes steps towards reconciling. But Brennen is still struggling, and seeks the guidance of Bryce Riverfell, before the two are interrupted by an unexpected guest. Yllowyyn grins and bears his new traveling companion(s). And back at the Horse’s Head Inn, Arlene makes a new…friend? But she’ll have to reckon with an unexpected guest of her own.

The script for this episode can be found here.

The pulse-pounding conclusion of this chapter will be released on July 23. We hope we’ll see you then.


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  1. Are any of you guys in the awesome podcast group Podcasts We Listen To? I just made a post asking people to check out the show, but there are a lot of creators, producers and hosts in the group, it’s a good way to network!! Would love to have any or all of you in there ❤️

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