What Used To Be Enough, Pt. 1

As the shockwaves of Regan’s revelations ripple through the party, Yllowyyn feels less welcome than ever. Ry’y lo-Th’yyt discovers a loose thread in urgent need of snipping. And Brennen is given an ultimatum.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

Part Two of this chapter will be released on June 11. We hope you’ll join us then!

And finally, the artist D.N. Frost, who designed our official map of the Human Realms of Iorden, has just released her new guide on “How To Make Fantasy Maps In Photoshop.” Now through June 23, it’s available as a free PDF download on her website. A literal steal for anyone interested in Fantasy world-building or cartography.



  • From 8:50-9:27 (on script pg. 8), a corpse is mutilated in an area of the body we’d probably consider private. (And no, it’s not Renault.)
  • From 16:30-20:25 (on script pgs. 15-18), discussion of the violence at the end of Book 1 continues. It’s not especially graphic, but may remind some listeners of real-world violence.

End of listed CONTENT NOTES.