A Cruel And Sullied World, Pt. 4

It’s the dramatic conclusion of Book 2, Chapter 1. At the Horse’s Head Inn, Arlene and Gwen Anna and Gayle reluctantly make plans regarding their newfound ward. In an ice cave in the south seas, Renault the “nice” necromancer meets a legendary warrior from an age nearly forgotten. And back near Freehold, a newly (and just barely) conscious Regan divulges what she saw in the western forest.

The script for this episode can be downloaded here.

We’ll be taking our customary micro-break between chapters, but release dates for Book 2, Chapter 2 – entitled “What Used To Be Enough” – will be announced shortly. In the meantime, though, we’ll be answering listener questions on air! Read this post for full details on how to submit a question.



  • From 09:47-10:38 (on script pg. 63), bodily mutilation is played for laughs.
  • From 15:00-16:25 (on script pgs. 68-69), the extreme violence from the end of Book 1 is verbally recounted.
  • From 23:18-23:25 (on script pg. 75), a character threatens suicide in a way that is flippant and obviously insincere, and is dismissed just as flippantly.

End of listed CONTENT NOTES.