A Cruel And Sullied World, Pt. 2

We return to the camp outside Freehold, shortly after Regan’s clandestine departure. Jen and Nelson receive stark prospects for their futures from a newly candid Nia, who also speculates about important matters metaphysical and arcane. Brennen and Yllowyyn disagree about the next steps in Brennen’s ongoing campaign, and Yllowyyn’s place in it. But once Jen comes clean about Regan’s whereabouts and intentions, Brennen drops everything and chases after his Queen inĀ great haste.

Our next episode will be released on April 9. We hope you’ll join us then.

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5 thoughts on “A Cruel And Sullied World, Pt. 2”

  1. I have to say I have been looking forward to this for a while now. But I have noticed the master mix of the audio is really quiet. I have to turn the volume way up to hear everything. It could just be me but I am missing a lot because it so low. Keep up the amazing work you are doing with the story.

    1. Hi Stephen! Thanks for writing in! Glad you’re enjoying the story content. Sometimes when there’s a big action scene we normalize to a lower volume to preserve some dynamic range for explosions. But we appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind going forward.

    2. Sorry that you’re having that trouble, Stephen. I always QC our episodes under the same conditions that I normally listen to podcasts and I find they’re clear and intelligible if I put the volume 1 or 2 clicks up from where I listen to talk radio style shows.

      If you’re feeling like it’s a lot quieter than that, it might be a tech glitch of some sort. Have you tried redownloading and/or listening on another app or device?

      In any case, we’re sorry that your listening experience has been anything less than stellar and we’ll definitely keep your feedback in mind.

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