BOOK 2 Release Date Announcement

We are extremely pleased to announce official release dates for our next episodes (!!!)

Book 2 – Myth Made Flesh
Chapter 1 – “A Cruel And Sullied World”

  • Part 1 – March 12
  • Part 2 – March 26
  • Part 3 – April 9
  • Part 4 – April 23

If you could all do us a favor and help spread the word between now and then, you’ll receive a) our eternal love and admiration, b) more friends to talk about the show with, and c) preference when we choose questions for our on-air, end-of-chapter AMA. Keep reading for details.

As soon as Part 4 drops on 4/23/17, we’ll be opening up an AMA across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. You can get your question bumped up in priority above the general public by doing the following: At any point between now and March 12, post something about us, using your own words, in any of those places. Retweets and Reblogs are OK as long as you add your own words in there. Use the hashtag #TOAFNBook2 so that we’ll see it. (If you choose to use Reddit, which doesn’t do hashtags, just message us at r/onceandfuturenerd.) And that’s all you have to do.

We can’t wait to share the next chapter of our tale with you. See you on March 12!


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