Book 1 Special Edition

We’re really excited to announce that the Special Edition of The Once And Future Nerd Book 1, is now available through Audiobooks on Tape. (They make these really cool USB flash drives that look like old cassette tapes!)

The Special Edition includes:

  • Full chapter files with credits only once per chapter for maximum bingeing (previously only available to Patreon subscribers)
  • Bonus interviews
  • TOAFN artwork in 4K Ultra HD, including our new map, and several never-before-seen character designs.

All proceeds from the Special Edition will go towards funding Book 2 (which we are currently writing!), and are also a great gift for anyone who loves Fantasy or Audiodrama, but doesn’t do podcasts.

Purchase at (just search for ‘Once And Future Nerd’).

And in honor of the Special Edition, we sat down for a conversation with Ian Harkins (the Narrator) looking back at Book 1. Think of it like a free companion piece.

We’ve also got some limited-time-only coupon codes for fans who want to purchase the special edition, so keep reading for those.

£1 off the Special Edition USB cassette with coupon code iorden.

33% off the Special Edition USB cassette by becoming a supporter on Patreon.

20% off of a novel by D.N. Frost, the Fantasy Cartographer who created our map:

3 thoughts on “Book 1 Special Edition”

  1. I love the “coy” response to my fan theory. It was so vague that I am now tempted to poke the sleeping bear as it were to explore for answers. Great episode guys.

  2. I love McGuire. I love the idea that someone brought back from death would still have their humanity and not necessarily be bad. I love how he talks back to the Nice Necromancer.

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