Sorry for the delay…

Very sorry, the conclusion of book four will be released late; we’ll have it up as soon as it’s ready. It’s a very complicated episode and we wanted to make sure it sounds right.

Also, we had this thing we had to do.

Left to right: Zach Glass, Co-Creator; Alec Story, Associate Producer; Ian Harkins, Narrator; Jess Kelley-Madera, Co-Executive Producer; Christian Kelley-Madera, Co-Creator; Paul Notice, Nelson; Julie Reed, Jen; Anya Gibian, Regan & Arlene.

Photograph courtesy of Craig Griffin.

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    • Christian MaderaChristian Madera

      Fiona, I married Jess, our Co-Executive producer. Left to right it’s Zach (Co-Creator), Alec (Associate Producer), Ian (Narrator), Jess, Me, Paul (Nelson), Julie (Jen), and Anya (Regan & Arlene).

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