Darkness on the Edge of Town, Pt. 5

In this, the final episode of Chapter 9, Jen must confront a man from her past she was not expecting to see. Iorden’s civil war arrives on Bryce Riverfell’s doorstep whether he and his charges are prepared or not. And Arlene and Gwen change their course, now that Arlene’s singing has created some¬†options for them.

“The Singing Sister” is ¬© 2014. Lyrics by Zach Glass and Christian Madera, based on a traditional English folk song. Music by Anya Gibian.

We’ll be back on July 19 with the premiere of Chapter 10, the final chapter of Book 1! In the meantime, you can discuss anything about the show at www.reddit.com/r/onceandfuturenerd.


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