Evil Untold, Pt. 5

Nia and her companions are attacked by Renault D’Esprit, the “nice” necromancer. Will any escape the Cairn of Evil Untold with their lives? Or their souls? Will Renault ever shut his stupid face? (Probably not, on that last one.)  Meanwhile, at the Horse’s Head Inn near Freehold, the Kids get near to the information they seek, but are soon reminded that safety is a rare luxury in Iorden, and never lasts for long.

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Our tale will resume on April 26 with the first part of Chapter 9 – the penultimate chapter of Book 1!




10 thoughts on “Evil Untold, Pt. 5”

    1. Will you be doing chapter collections like you did for Ch 1?

      Will book 2 come out immediately, or is there a hiatus?

      Still hoping for a dead tree edition. Kickstarter?

    2. We can’t commit anything for sure at present, aside from this: We will PROBABLY be doing another promotional giveaway of some sort between Chapters 9 and 10, and there will be a bit of a hiatus between Books 1 and 2.

      Since these are questions that probably several of our fans are interested in, would you be okay with us addressing some of them in an upcoming listener Q&A bonus content? We can attribute them to you or leave it anonymous.

    1. Joshua I’m gonna answer you from my personal account because we don’t want to commit to any of this as canon just yet, buuuuuut…

      I think that there has never been any large scale crossing of something physical from Iorden into our world, but a few people from our world have occasionally been given knowledge from Iorden in the past. Most notably, there’s seminal Texan fantasy writer Ronald A. Coburn, whose “Arden the Annihilator” stories had some success in pulp magazines of the 1920’s, but became cult classics after the author’s tragic suicide.

      You should also not rule out the possibility that there are other realms from which things have gotten dropped into Iorden.

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