The Singing Sister, Pt. 4

CONTENT NOTE: This episode portrays the aftermath of bodily mutilation from timestamp 16:18 – 17:40,  and again from 21:25 – 21:45. Please use your own discretion in listening to these scenes.

In the moving conclusion to Chapter 6, Brennen fights against his illness and tries to continue his storytelling, but it seems to be a losing battle. Based on the counsel of the Templars of Discord, General Traft begins the next leg of his campaign, and does some storytelling of his own. And Arlene Redmoor must face the cost of survival under her brother’s Regency.

Music for “The Singing Sister” is Copyright © 2014 by Anya Gibian. Lyrics Copyright © 2014 Glass & Madera, based on an English folk song. We encourage the creation of derivative works, but please contact the authors first.

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