The Worthiest Knight, Pt. 3

In this installment, Brennen and Regan continue to seek out the remainder of the party. Meanwhile, we learn more of what actually has transpired with Billy, Jen, Nelson, and Nia in the inn outside of the city.

In case you missed it, our good friends at Two Grey Dogs Designs have created a line of knitting yarn, whose colors are inspired by Brennen’s possibly-prophetic dreams. General Brennen dreamed of a beautiful bird of red and gold, accompanied by smaller birds each of red, gold, or grey. Thus inspired, Two Grey Dogs Designs have dyed a yarn of red, gold, and grey. Outside of their podcast-themed products, they offer a lot of beautiful hand-dyed yarns and hand-painted jewelry. If you are into knitting, or know of someone else who may be, please consider checking them out! They have hinted that further TOAFN-themed products may be available soon, so look out for future announcements.

The Worthiest Knight reaches its conclusion on July 20, 2014. The party will finally be reunited! You do not want to miss it, so be sure to tune in! As always, please follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, give us a rating on iTunes, and consider supporting us on Patreon!  Thank you so much for your support, enjoy the show!